Frequently asked questions

General study questions
The more people that join this study, the greater the significance of our findings. We would be greatful if you could share this study with your friends and family, in case they would also like to participate.

We have also recently added an Invite Friends section that lets you track how many people you've directly helped to recruit!

Yes, please do! We are asking people to, ideally, sign up before they are vaccinated. This will help us to learn the most we can about the vaccines when used in the general population.
Yes. You do not need to have had or been exposed to COVID-19 to take part.
Yes. We would like as many people as possible to take part. If you have had confirmed COVID-19, suspected COVID-19, or been exposed to COVID-19, we would like you to take part.
If you get COVID-19, even after vaccination, this is particularly useful information. We will ask you to tell us about any COVID-19 symptoms or diagnosis in periodic follow-up forms. If you do develop symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 after being vaccinated, please seek medical advice through the usual channels.
No. We will not supply any medicines or vaccines. This is purely an observational study where we collect information from participants before and after they receive a vaccine from their usual health care provider.
Sometimes it can be hard to tell if a reported side-effect is due to a vaccine, or if it could just be a coincidence and would have happened anyway. By collecting information from lots of people on the health problems they experience both before and after vaccination we should be able to tell which, if any, side-effects are really due to the vaccine.
Yes. You can take part in this study as long as you are not away from the UK for longer than 6 months and have access to your email/the internet to provide us with updates on your health.
We are happy for you to take part in other studies.
Yes. It is really important that we find out if previous vaccine exposure affects experiences of subsequent vaccination.
Yes. The safety of vaccination in pregnancy, and during breastfeeding, is very important. Participating in this study will not affect your usual pregnancy and postnatal care.
Yes. We are interested in collecting data from people who do not end up being vaccinated, for whatever reason. Please take a look at the resources we link to below to find out current COVID-19 news and vaccine facts.
People under 18 years of age cannot register to take part themselves. However, participating parents or carers will be able to submit information on behalf of children or young people under their care (under 18’s) in the near future. We already have separate child versions of the Participant Information Sheet, and are finishing the website features needed for children to take part. Once this is complete, these will be available to view.
Technical website questions

If you have forgotten your password, please use our password reset facility. Click here to go to the password reset page, enter the email address that you used to register to this study and look out for an email with a password reset link that will allow you to choose a new password.

If you find secure passwords tricky to remember, you can now log in using our Email Sign In feature. Simply enter your registered email address on this page, and click the secure link that we send in an email - you will then be logged in automatically.

We ask all participants to submit one follow-up every month, and one follow-up a week for the four following a COVID-19 vaccine. You can see your completed and upcoming follow-up schedule on the Overview page after logging in.

After submitting a follow-up form, you will be automatically redirected to the main Overview page and you should see a green message notifying you of the successful submission.

On the Overview page, you can also check the status of any previous and upcoming follow-up forms, under the 'Follow-up overview' heading.

Being slightly late to submit a follow-up is completely fine - the most important thing is that you do submit one. If you completely miss two consecutive follow-ups, we may email your nominated contacts to get an update on your health status.
We ask that participants use their account on the website to complete any of these tasks - unfortunately we cannot carry out any changes via email.
Unfortunately each study participant is required to have their own email address to register for the study.
Unfortunately some email providers sometimes move our messages to the 'Spam' or 'Junk' folders, so please check there for the missing email. Please mark the email as 'not junk' in your email software to prevent this from happening in the future.
We have tested this website thoroughly and confirmed it works with most modern browsers and devices. However, some older phones or browsers might cause problems. If you are having problems, please try another browser such as Google Chrome.
If you would like to withdraw, you can do so via the Study Options page available on the main menu, where you will be able to set various contact preferences as well as fully withdraw from the study if you wish.